Why I’m Short Ethereum (and Long Bitcoin) Tuur Demeester Medium

07/10/2016  · On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse: Tuur Demeester, Economist, Investor and Editor in Chief at Adamant Research shares his indepth analysis of why he is bearish on Ethereum and bullish on Bitcoin.

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Why I'm short Ethereum (and long Bitcoin).

5 Out 2016.

I just published "Why I'm short Ethereum (and long.

@onemanatatime @ Medium good call, Ethereum is 100% in distribution phase according to.

Tuur Demeester‏ @TuurDemeester 5 de out. de 2016.

You should have simply written about why you're bearish on Ethereum without mentioning Bitcoin.

06/12/2016  · **On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse:** The Bitcoin price has more than doubled since I first published the report How to Position for the Rally in Bitcoin little over a year ago. What a run it.

While bullish on bitcoin's long-term prospects, an economist and investor heeds caution for more short-term price optimism. Prices · Why I'm Taking Bitcoin Profits .

11 Sep 2018.


Like, we want to align ourselves with long-term Bitcoin holders.

So I don't know if it's way too early or if I'm just not seeing it yet and I'm going.

28 Dec 2018.

I just published “I'm not worried about Bitcoin Unlimited, but I am losing sleep over Ethereum” https://medium.com/p/im-not-worried-about-bitcoin-.

Why I’m Short Ethereum and Long Bitcoin (The Cryptoverse #117)04/04/2017  · I’m not worried about Bitcoin scalability, but I am losing sleep over Ethereum . Tuur Demeester. Follow. Apr 4, 2017 · 5 min read. With the recent surge in the Ethereum.

Bitcoin Interest Price 6 Nov 2019. Sure enough, bitcoin plummeted that same afternoon, as cryptocurrency prices are wont to do. Coinbase has remained one of the biggest. Bitcoin Interest Market Pairs (Adjusted) Bitcoin experiences a Golden Cross for the first time since February 2020. The bullish indicator surfaced as open interest. Statistics. The Bitcoin Interest price is currently

13 Jan 2019.

Connect with What Bitcoin Did.

It's not like I have a big Ethereum short that.


Tuur Demeester: Yeah, I'm a free market guy, so of course.

Ethereum has had several attacks and has a long, and in response to that, there.

And then at Bitcoin, it's pretty clear if you look on social media or anything else,