Maduro’s Cryptocurrency To Fare No Better Than…

23 Jan 2020.

One year on and Maduro's government — with the broad support of the.

to the socialist administration's “dictatorship” and vowed to hold “free and fair” elections.

as Venezuela's legitimate interim leader by more than 50 countries.

with no control over state functions, running parallel to Maduro's regime.

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20 Mar 2020.

Gabriel Jiménez hated the Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro.

for everyone in the crypto world, as the price of Bitcoin shot up more than a thousand.

But perhaps no one had as perilous a ride as Mr. Jiménez.

In April 2019, he sold his 2007 Toyota Autana and bought a ticket to the United States.

Even though it might not feel like it when every day is some combination of a nightmare written by Franz Kafka and George.

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Even though it might not feel like it when every day is some combination of a nightmare written by Franz Kafka and George.

5 Dec 2017.

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela's plan to create an oil-backed cryptocurrency faces the same credibility problems that dog the ruling Socialist.

17 Dec 2019.

More than the economic and political crisis, a feeling of distrust has permeated.

“There is a lot of cryptocurrency going on, but it's not very open, like you.

Venezuela's petro national cryptocurrency was launched by President Maduro in October.

On the other hand, the system is still far from inclusive.

Venezuelan Executive, not on trust of the currency itself or its demand or supply.

On 5 January 2018 President Maduro issued 100 million of Petros, each of.

“ so far the affirmation of cryptocurrency as better money has been thwarted by.

13 Nov 2019.

Maduro was not pro-crypto before announcing Petro.

In December 2018, the government went as far as to automatically convert.

7, Venezuelans traded more than 120 billion bolivars (roughly around $4 million) for Bitcoin.

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