A Gentle Introduction To Blockchain Technology


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9 Sep 2015.

A gentle introduction to blockchain technology for business people and students. One of the most popular articles on the Bits on Blocks blog.

22 Feb 2018.

This article is a brief introduction to blockchain technology, it will get you up to speed for the Digital Leaders Salon in Newcastle upon Tyne on.

29 Oct 2015.

People use the term 'blockchain technology' to mean different things, and it can be confusing.

19 Dec 2016.

Blockchain is a distributed database that keeps a.

a ledger from clay tables in the old days to digital records in modern days, blockchain technology is the.

Witte, Jan, The Blockchain: A Gentle Introduction (November 2016).

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Scalability, or rather lack of it, is one of the main roadblocks to the business adoption of blockchain technology. Why is it so hard to solve? Bitcoin, in its current.

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