3.1.ppc64le Rpm

This installer can deploy OpenShift components on targeted hosts by either installing RPMs or running containerized services. This installation method is provided.

AIX 7.2 on x86_64 Linux via qemu9 Dec 2017.

Starting with version 3.1.X Ganglia can be extended.

ganglia-devel-3.7.2-2. sles12.ppc64le.rpm · ganglia-gmetad-3.7.2-2.sles12.ppc64le.rpm.

rsync-3.1.3-lp151.115.3.x86_64.rpm. Packages for openSUSE Factory PowerPC: rsync-3.1.3-115.16.ppc64.rpm · rsync-3.1.3-115.16.ppc64le.rpm

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