Keepkey Hardware Wallet Review 2017

Hardware wallets houden je cryptomunten offline, buiten het bereik van hackers.

De KeepKey is een relatief goedkope hardware wallet met een prijskaartje.

With a physical event out of the question, Apple has begun announcing products this spring. The MacBook Air and iPad Pro have.

Vergelijk hier verschillende hardware wallets.

Met de KeepKey wallet kan je net zoals met de Ledger en de TREZOR verschillende cryptomunten beheren.

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17 Jan 2017.

Published on Jan 17, 2017. The team.

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Our team of experts has selected the best hardware wallets out of dozens of options. Don’t buy a hardware wallet before.

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🔑 Hardware Wallet Review: Trezor VS KeepKey VS Ledger16 Aug 2017.

Crypto Exchange Shapeshift Acquires KeepKey Hardware Wallets. by Benjamin Vitaris. August 16, 2017. Startups – Crypto Exchange Shapeshift.