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As a member of the cPanel community, I would like to see a weekly report of new and popular feature requests delivered to my inbox. Yes; No; Blog post instead

8 Oct 2019.

A Feature Request is any suggestion for an enhancement to Qualys software. Feature Requests are not a contractual obligation for Qualys to.

Ideas and requests for new features. Suggest ideas. Vote for the best.

3 Jan 2018.

It's a feature request. Our support team sees a dozen or so feature requests every day. Deciding how to handle feature requests like this one is.

AMAZON ECHO owners are well aware of the useful features available to help them at home, but there’s a number of extra.

BOISE — New self-service features on farmers.gov will help farmers and ranchers manage their conservation activities online and request assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural.

It’s a difficult line to walk for the company who announced in a recent blog post how it plans to work on the new feature.

Verified Twitter handles have a blue tick next to their names that identify the account as authentic. It helps users on the.

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Post feature requests that you think will make Affinity even better. Any suggestions about the software go in these forums.

Aligning Product Strategy with Customer Feature RequestsHowever, collecting and prioritising feature requests from your customers will help you build a product roadmap based on customer need rather than guesswork.