Bitcoin Addrindex Patch

Bitcoin Core addrindex patch has been ported to ( alexmat/bitcoin-addrindex), but is currently less tested compared to prior releases .

8 Jan 2020.

There have been several patches and additional software to produce transaction.

The address index code and tests ( index/addrindex.cpp.

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Yes. You can ignore this. This means that some miners have mined (still compatible) blocks with a version number unknown to Bitcoin Core. Generally this.

19 mei 2020.

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depends: Patch libevent build to fix IPv6 -rpcbind on Windows · Restore support for 32-bit Windows builds · GUI: Point out position of invalid characters in Bech32 .

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There's a binary build based on BTCDrak's bitcoin-addinrdex source code because his patched version 0.11 has been completed, but there are.

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